The Snack Vault

We arrange our snacks into 5 categories to bring members a variety of textures and flavours for our subscription boxes.

Savoury & Crispy

A selection of textures from crunchy to crispy, coupled with a wide variety of unique flavours is so moreish & tasty.

Sweets & Jellies

Expressed with hard vs soft textures infused with milky or fruity notes like jellies bursting with mango, passion fruit & lychee flavours.

Crunchy & Biscuity

Biscuity snacks should be married and paired with Chinese white tea.

Spicy & Noodly

Mad about noodles? In Asia, we call them Noodle Buckets (ιΊ΅ζ‘Ά).

Juicy & Sparkling

From Iconic sodas to Hong Kong milk teas, this makes great snack companions.

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