1. Member Streak

Subscription streaks show how many months you have continuously been part of our TastyPanda community! As each month passes your subscription streak will grow, for set periods of months that you maintain your streak we will send you a small surprise gift as a huge thank you.




Please be aware: Cancelling your subscription will lose your current continuous streak

2. Virtual Tasting Session

We provide a fun, relaxed and easy-going session. Our sample snacks are delivered to your doorstep to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. One of our in-house Asian snack aficionados will guide the group of panderers via video call.

Experience and explore sweet and sour, salty, chilli and umami taste sensations. With the support of our interactive feedback software, we will capture all of your thoughts and feedback to help us refine and influence our future boxes.

1. Sample Box

A sample of new products will be sent out to you in advance of the live session.

2. Join our Session

A 30 mins zoom invite with no more than 6 members will be arranged so everyone has a chance to share their insight.

3. Taste and Evaluate

Time for those tastebuds to run wild. Get ready to share and discuss with your fellow pandaneers.

3. Monthly Ballot

Unlike other Asian subscription boxes instead of a theme, our boxes are influenced by our community. Each month there will be a handful of items that are selected by community voting.

When you join TastyPanda, you will get to vote on and influence the snack selection in our monthly member ballot, the items with the majority vote will then be featured in next monthly box.

Ballot Time
Become a Asian snack guru
Vote for Future Snacks