<b>What are East & Southeast Asian Snacks?</b>

What are East & Southeast Asian Snacks?

Have you ever wondered what snacks are popular in East and Southeast Asia? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to dive into the delicious world of Asian snacks, brought to you by the incredible team at TastyPanda. Let’s explore some of the most beloved snacks from Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Rice and corn snacks are a favourite across almost all of East and Southeast Asia. From sweet treats like mochi rice cakes to savoury favourites like tteokbokki chips from South Korea, these delightful snacks come in all shapes and sizes. In Taiwan, for instance, rice crackers offer a simple but tasty snack that is sure to please any palate. In Japan and China, there is a wide variety of rice-based treats available such as senbei (rice cracker) or okaki (deep-fried rice flour).

Sweet & jellies sweet snacks are also very popular throughout East and Southeast Asia. Jelly candy is one of the most popular choices among children and adults alike. Many countries have their own unique versions of jelly candy with flavours ranging from mango to green tea in South Korea or red bean in Japan. Gummy candies are also popular in many countries such as Hong Kong where they can be found in a variety of shapes including pandas or other animals.

Biscuits and cookies are another common snack that is found around Asia. From classic chocolate chip cookies to more traditional flavours like red bean paste or matcha green tea, there is something for everyone! In Hong Kong, there is an abundance of buttery shortbread cookies known as “Melon Pan", which comes in various flavours from plain to coconut cream or even chocolate chips! In South Korea, there are honey butter chips - small round biscuits made with real honey butter that comes in a variety of flavours including chocolate or strawberry cheesecake! 

No matter where you go in different parts of Asia it seems like there’s always someone selling juice or soda drinks on every corner! Whether it be sweet mango juice served over ice cubes or lemon soda flavoured with real lemons - these refreshing beverages can be found everywhere! Some of the more popular brands include Fanta from China, Ramune from Japan, and Pokka from Singapore - just to name a few! 

Instant noodles are arguably one of the most popular Asian snack that has taken the world - particularly during colder months when soups become more desirable than cold drinks. There are literally hundreds if not, thousands of different types of instant noodles available for purchase ranging from cup noodles to bowl-style ramen noodle soups - each country has its own unique take on this beloved snack food! For example, in Taiwan, there's spicy beef noodle soup while Malaysia offers curry laksa instant noodles - both equally delicious! 


Whether you're looking for savoury rice-based snacks, sweet jellies, or cups/bowls of instant noodles - Tasty Panda has got it all covered! With our selection sourced directly from Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines, and Malaysia you're sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds no matter where your travels take you! So go ahead - dig into some delicious Asian snacks today with Tasty Panda, one of the best Asian Snacks Box out there!

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